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Sweetie - our calico cat

Reintroducing the house cats and outdoor cats who share our acre of Abruzzo. more

Shadow Cat

The olive groves, fields and woods around us are home to a small number of cats and back in June, one of these decided that the shrubs outside our kitchen window would be the ideal spot to raise her new litter of three kittens.

That’s how the story started… more

Meanwhile, In The Back Seat – The Ultimate Road Trip

Looking back, I wonder why we got as wound-up as we did about how the cats would react to the 1400-mile trek in the back of the car from Somerset to our new home in the hamlet of Ascigno in Abruzzo… more

The Cat Blog

Little Plum, Aurora and Edwin. Slightly eccentric names for kids; marginally less so for cats. LP and Rori are blue-point Birman girls; Eddie’s a chocolate-point Siamese boy. If you’re a cat-lover – and let’s face it, the world’s divided into cat lovers or non-cat lovers. Nobody’s indifferent to cats – you’ll now be nodding your head sagely at the mention of Birmans and Siamese and thinking it utterly normal to refer to ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ instead of ‘females’ and ‘males’ more