Mountains and Forests

Rocca Calascio Castle. Scaling The Heights.

The castle's towering views oer the surrouning landscape

Yes – the effort to reach Rocca Calascio Castle is more than repaid by the rewards when you finally scale the summit… more

A Morning In The Majella

FInding your way around the Majella

Foraging for pine cones. A mountain walk. A delicate moment rudely interrupted. And a delicious lunch. Just another average autumn morning in the Majella… more

A Day in the Gran Sasso

Monte Piano - still snow-covered in mid-June

Touring the Gran Sasso, Abruzzo’s biggest National Park more

Ski Abruzzo – Winter 2013/14

The chair lift at Passo di Lanciano

In the heart of the Majella National Park, are the two ski stations of Passo di Lanciano and La Majelletta. As these are nearest us, they’re the ones we know best. The skiing at both is good, with a decent variety of black, red and blue runs and the slopes well-served by a mix of chair and drag lifts. And you can also snowboard or go cross-country skiing too… more

Abruzzo – Italy’s Best-Kept Travel Secret

Traditional 'Trabbocho' fishing platforms are a unique feature of Abruzzo's 100-mile Adriatic coastline

Whereabouts in Italy is Abruzzo ? Head due east from Rome and when you reach the Adriatic coast – you’ve arrived ! more

Majella National Park – Our Scenic Backdrop

The Majella National Park forms a constant backdrop to our wraparound views.

And with the first snows of Autumn forecast for the highest of the mountains this weekend, it seemed a good idea to take advantage of one of the last truly glorious days of Summer and take a long drive to enjoy the Park’s magnificent scenery. more

Italy’s Oldest National Park

With the Majella National Park practically on our doorstep, it probably seems a bit perverse to get into the car and drive 2 hours to the Abruzzo National Park.
Thanks to the fact that it’s tucked in away in Abruzzo’s remote south-west and crossed by only one main road, the Park’s remained relatively untouched, making it the last stronghold of the rare Marsican Brown Bear. more

A Walk in Abruzzo – The Spirito Sancto Gorge

A walk in Abruzzo can take you to snow-capped mountains with stunning views; along sandy beaches lapped by the Adriatic; or deep into a gorge at the heart of the Majella…the Spirito Sancto gorge in Fara San Martino – a short drive from your Abruzzo villa for two…a deep cleft leading into the heart of the towering mountains that loom over the town. more

Abruzzo October

Abruzzo October is a month of warm sunny days; a hint of Autumn in the evening air; and spectacular colours in the forests of the Majella National Park.

Last October we were too busy just arriving here – on the 9th to be exact – to take that much notice of what the weather was like. The day after we got here it rained. Then it was OK. And that’s about as far as memory takes me. This year, it’s been different… more

Snow, Spectacular Views – and Names For Your Villas !

Lured by the first sprinklings of snow up on the mountains of the Majella National Park, coupled with a beautiful warm autumn day, we couldn’t resist heading up to the top of La Majelletta – an easy drive, less than an hour from your Abruzzo villa for two. more
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