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Abruzzo – Europe’s Greenest Region

There are 24 National Parks across Italy – and three of them are in Abruzzo.

The region jealously guards its unspoiled countryside. Abruzzo’s National Parks and Nature Reserves account for 40% of its total area – the highest proportion of protected landscape in one region anywhere in Europe.

There are three famous Abruzzo National Parks straddling the Apennine mountain chain. They’re renowned for their magnificent scenery; rich flora and fauna; and protected wildlife – including golden eagles and other birds of prey; the Marsican Brown Bear and the Apennine Grey Wolf.

 Parco Nazionale della Majella

Majella National Park

Closest to Villasfor2 and providing an ever-changing backdrop to our views is the Majella National Park, just a short drive away. The park is a stronghold of the Apennine Grey Wolf and golden eagles, buzzards and red kites, which regularly patrol the skies above us. The Majella National Park is the most rugged in Abruzzo, with thirty mountains over 2000m/6500ft.

 Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso Monti e della Laga

Gran Sasso National Park

Gran Sasso is the third-largest of Italy’s National Parks, covering over 1400 square kilometers. Here you’ll find Il Calderone – the southern-most glacier in Europe – and Corno Grande, at 2912m/9554ft, the highest peak in the entire Apennine chain. The Gran Sasso’s sheer size means it offers the most diverse landscapes of Abruzzo’s three parks.

Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo

Abruzzo National Park

Established in 1922, the Abruzzo National Park was the first of its kind anywhere in Italy. Now spreading into the neighbouring regions of Molise and Lazio, this has the wildest and remotest terrain of Abruzzo’s National Parks and is a vital refuge for the rare Marsican Brown Bear.

Visit our National Parks

All three parks are very accessible by car and also provide well-marked nature and hiking trails along with a host of other sustainable leisure activities.

Visitor highlights of the Majella include the old spa town of Caramanico Terme and the haunting ruins of Gessopalena; skiing at Passo di Lanciano in winter; and in summer, exploring the Grotta del Cavallone cave system, and walking in the Spirito Sancto Gorge.

Development is forbidden in Abruzzo’s National Parks, so its communities retain a timeless quality. In particular, there are many lovely villages dotted across the Majella and excellent places to eat and drink. We’ll happily provide all the details you’ll need for a great day out.

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