Abruzzo Property

Everything’s Coming Up Roses ! (And Other Plants Too…)

Gazania is a colourful addition to your summer planting scheme

What flowers, trees and shrubs will prosper in your Italian garden ? Here are a few ideas…

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Land = Sheep. Grapes. Goats. Hens. Olives……….Maybe.

Jacob Sheep. Or to be more accurate - Jacob Lambs

Sheep. Grapes. Goats. Hens. Olives. All prime candidates to raise on your bit of Italy. Or not…

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Renovating Italy ? More Like Rebuilding Italy…

Our original house - the day before we demolished it

Renovate your Italian property ? Or rebuild it ? And when you’ve done that, what about the land it all stands on ?

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Abruzzo Property Development

This blog’s really a favour to my friend Pierino, who’s building a brand-new house just outside Lanciano and reckons it might appeal to the discerning readers AboutAbruzzo attracts.

Funnily enough, in one particular way, he could possibly be right.

Fancy a little bit of Italian property development ?

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The House in Abruzzo We Did Buy

The Low Point In our search for a suitable property in Abruzzo to develop into a permanent home for us and provide rental villas offering holidays for two, we’ve now seen 36 houses. You’ve seen them too. Actually, we saw loads more. We just took pictures of 36. And we saw one house twice. Worryingly, I didn’t recognise it. More worryingly, it took quite some time before I did –

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Every House In Abruzzo We Didn’t Buy…

All (All ?) we were looking for was a property that’d be our new permanent home in Italy and have the space and scope for our plan to open a small-scale villa rental business providing holidays for two.

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