Entertaining Abruzzo

Wine. Food. And Music – An Abruzzo Festa

A Fiat 500 BBQ !

Good food. Good music. And five glasses of good wine for €3. Welcome to an Abruzzo Festa !

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It’s Pizza – But Not As We Know It…

Gambero Rosso says this is the best pizza in Italy right now

Gourmet pizza at one of Italy’s seven best pizzeria – and tucking into **Italy’s Best Pizza**. Yum !

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Five Best Special Abruzzo Restaurants

The Tinari family, who run the Villa Maiella

An insider’s guide to five of the very best places to eat and drink in our part of Abruzzo.

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Exploring Abruzzo’s Antiquities

The Capestrano Warrior

Abruzzo has quietly assembled a record of its past which is so astonishingly good, and so accessible and well-presented.

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Abruzzo. Quaint It Ain’t

Abruzzo - scenic. But not quaint !

I’ll tell you the key fact that’s overlooked – and keeps being overlooked – in everything I’ve ever read about Abruzzo. It’s not quaint. What it is – and so much more importantly – is off the beaten tourist track.

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Five Additional Top Abruzzo Restaurants

Our favourite local agriturismo

More best places to find Abruzzo food and wine at its finest – and all at great value.

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Eating Chinese Food In Abruzzo

Sushi treats at Lanciano's Hong Sushi Wok

Generally speaking, Italian culture and Chinese food go together like peaches and gravel. So the result in most of the – surprisingly large – number of Chinese eateries in this part of Abruzzo is neither especially good; nor especially authentic…

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Giro d’Italia – It’s the Wheel Deal

the Giro d’Italia isn’t just about a bunch of blokes on bikes swishing by wearing startling pastel-coloured cycling kits. (Aside from the black-clad Team Sky, who look like a squad of hired assassins).

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The Black Eyed Peas Play Fara San Martino. Kind Of.

There was a food fair in the nearby town of Fara San Martino over the weekend notable not for its amiability or the excellence of the available food and drink, but for the rumour that had been spreading like wildfire that legendary American hip-hop group The Black Eyed Peas were due to perform.

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Another Night At The Opera – ‘La Boheme’ in Ortona

Italians love opera with the same passion they devote to fast cars, football, fashion and food. The audience in Ortona, for this last night, tour-ending performance of La Boheme was respectful, knowledgeable and wildly enthusiastic. With every justification.

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