Abruzzo Nature

Rocca Calascio Castle. Scaling The Heights.

The castle's towering views oer the surrouning landscape

Yes – the effort to reach Rocca Calascio Castle is more than repaid by the rewards when you finally scale the summit…

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A Morning In The Majella

FInding your way around the Majella

Foraging for pine cones. A mountain walk. A delicate moment rudely interrupted. And a delicious lunch. Just another average autumn morning in the Majella…

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Everything’s Coming Up Roses ! (And Other Plants Too…)

Gazania is a colourful addition to your summer planting scheme

What flowers, trees and shrubs will prosper in your Italian garden ? Here are a few ideas…

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Punta Aderci – Abruzzo’s Tiniest Treasure

Abandoned 'trabocchi' along the sea wall of Vasto's harbour alongside the Reserve

Off the beaten Abruzzo tourist track, here’s a tiny beach-side Nature Reserve known only to locals. And now, you…

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A Day in the Gran Sasso

Monte Piano - still snow-covered in mid-June

Touring the Gran Sasso, Abruzzo’s biggest National Park

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Abruzzo – Italy’s Best-Kept Travel Secret

Traditional 'Trabbocho' fishing platforms are a unique feature of Abruzzo's 100-mile Adriatic coastline

Whereabouts in Italy is Abruzzo ? Head due east from Rome and when you reach the Adriatic coast – you’ve arrived !

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Hello Hoopoe !

You’d need a heart of granite not be charmed by the Hoopoe – a bird so endearing that if it didn’t already exist, Disney would have to invent it.

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Abruzzo’s Owl. Little – But Loud.

I can show you literally hundreds of photos of where one of our owl chicks has been a nano-second previously. But none, alas, of a chick itself. Let alone one looking obligingly at the camera…

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A Pig’s Tale

It’s currently outside the hunting season, so taking a pot-shot at piggy wasn’t an option, though the local farmers – many of whom reported damage to crops and orchards – argued the toss as to what would happen if a shot fired to scare the porker away instead were to kill it.

The kind of hypothetical discussion point that Italians love nearly as much as football.

(Man v Wild Boar. But who’ll win this epic confrontation ?

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