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Abruzzo’s Weather – What To Expect

At 1200 feet up on the fringes of the Majella National Park, we avoid the extremes of both summer heat and winter cold.

In summer, our altitude means that humidity stays at a comfortable 30-40% (compared to 80-90% on the coast) and we get steady, cool breezes off the mountains.

And we’re just half-an-hour from the sea if you fancy some time at the beach on your Abruzzo holiday.

In winter, there’s enough snow at times to be scenic; not enough to be a nuisance. (The roads get cleared very efficiently). And though it gets cold, the temperature rarely drops below freezing.

And if you fancy a day’s skiing, we’re just an hour from the chairlift at Passo di Lanciano.

Throughout the year, we get very few days of constant rain. January is the wettest month on the Abruzzo weather calendar – and the likeliest month for snow – while Spring can be punctuated by short, heavy showers.

Between mid-June and mid-September, there’s the occasional spectacular storm – but virtually no other rain at all.

Our villas avoid summer and winter temperature extremes with air-conditioning and central heating – all included in the cost of your villa rental.

Abruzzo’s Weather Across The Seasons

High – 66˚F/19˚C
Low – 48˚F/9˚C
The season for carpets of wild flowers and steadily climbing temperatures. It’ll be warm enough to sit outside your villa with a glass of wine and take in the scenery – and we generally open-up our pool during the first week in May. Spring is a particularly good time of year for a weekend break, or to go property hunting. And remember we don’t put our prices up at Easter !

High – 89˚F/32˚C
Low – 66˚F/19˚C
The season of high temperatures, (peaking in late July/early August), plus feasts, festivals and fireworks. A lazy time for lying by our pool; gorging yourself on local strawberries and cherries and the first of the year’s white peaches; afternoon naps in the shade; and long, late dinners. July finds the Majella National Park at its best – the perfect time for walking through some breathtaking landscapes.

High – 64˚F/18˚C
Low – 48˚F/9˚C
The season of harvests. Grapes in September and October, and Olives in November – followed swiftly by the year’s first wine and oil. Always a cause for celebration, with some great local fairs and festivals, including one in our very own village over the first weekend in September. The days can be mild well into November a great time to treat yourself to an end-of-summer Abruzzo holiday. Fantastic autumn colours in the Majella and the tang of wood-smoke and roasting chestnuts in the evening air.

High – 52˚F/11˚C
Low – 37˚F/3˚C
Though December can be a mild month – we’ve sat outside in the sun with drinks on Christmas Day – it starts getting colder in January.  February’s a month of contrasts. There will be warm days heralding the arrival of Spring – but it can be wet too. The very best February days have clear blue skies and air like crystal. The time perhaps for an Abruzzo skiing break in the Majella  ?

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