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Come and Take a Look at the Pool !

A villa rental holiday anywhere just has to have a pool – and we’re no exception !

For the exclusive use of our guests, our 80,000-litre pool has two state-of-the-art cleaning and purification systems which use ultra-violet light and a solar-powered pool ioniser – instead of chemicals – to keep the water clean and clear, with the ph balance maintained at a constant level of between 7.3 and 7.6.

The water in the pool is so clean and clear in fact, that it’s on a par with drinking water.

Pool temperature in summer is around 28°C/82°F. There’s a thermometer tied to the pool’s steps so you can check !

Swim & Sunbathe

Just a few steps away from your villa, our pool is bordered by olive trees, and a mass of colourful flowers and shrubs, with truly spectacular panoramic views views across miles of unspoiled countryside.

“The best views in Abruzzo”, according to one of our guests.

And with just four other guests sharing your villa rental holiday at any one time, this really is a private pool, with plenty of space on the big, south-facing sun terrace for everyone to lie back and relax.

Because we use the same supplier, our sunbeds and sun umbrellas are exactly the same as you’ll find at all the big marinas and lidos along our stretch of the Adriatic coast. (But without Italian holiday crowds !)

Thanks to their unique open-weave fabric design, the sunbeds are incredibly comfortable, and ready to use literally within minutes of even the heaviest shower.

Strictly For The Birds

In addition to the golden eagles, red kites and other birds of prey you’ll see soaring in the skies above us,  at dusk in summer you’ll find yourself sharing the pool with Alpine Swifts, which spend the days soaring over the Abruzzo countryside – and who’ve come to regard the pool as their own private watering hole.

You’ll be as amazed and charmed as we are by their astonishing speed and agility – and they’re not at all bothered if you happen to be having a swim when they want a drink…


Explore the surroundings. Take a stroll. The olive trees alongside the pool are ours and produce the delicious organic, extra-virgin oil we supply in each of our villas.


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