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Majella National Park – Our Scenic Backdrop

The Majella National Park forms a constant backdrop to our wraparound views.

And with the first snows of Autumn forecast for the highest of the mountains this weekend, it seemed a good idea to take advantage of one of the last truly glorious days of Summer and take a long drive to enjoy the Park’s magnificent scenery. more

Italy’s Oldest National Park

With the Majella National Park practically on our doorstep, it probably seems a bit perverse to get into the car and drive 2 hours to the Abruzzo National Park.
Thanks to the fact that it’s tucked in away in Abruzzo’s remote south-west and crossed by only one main road, the Park’s remained relatively untouched, making it the last stronghold of the rare Marsican Brown Bear. more

Villa d’Este – Tivoli’s Timeless Treasure

The gardens of the Villa d’Este aren’t renowned for their magnificent plants.

No. You come to the Villa d’Este for the fountains. From the tiniest trickle to the most powerful, towering, thunderous plumes of water, all – incredibly – gravity-fed as they always have been, with not a pump in use. more

Monte Cassino Abbey – From Ruin to Resurrection

There are no old buildings in the medieval town of Cassino, an hour south of Rome. No historic relics. No sign of its great antiquity.

The town, along with its mighty Benedictine Abbey on the summit of Monte Cassino, was obliterated in one of World War II’s epic battles. more

Five More Top Abruzzo Restaurants

The Mamma of owner Nicola does the cooking and what’s on offer on any given night pretty much depends on what she feels like preparing – which Nico will then dutifully recite to you. So no menu.

Where’s this ? And will you like it ? more

The Vatican Museum – More Than Michelangelo

Doesn’t happen too often – but how good is it when it does – that something so exceeds your expectations that the dull thud you hear on experiencing it all is the sound of your own jaw dropping to the floor.

The Vatican Museum has joined that elite personal collection.

That rarity – a Museum trip that thrills. And there’s so much more than Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling to see. more

A Night at the Opera

This being Italy, it was hardly a surprise to see the names of Verdi, Puccini and Rossini writ large and the rest not exactly writ small, but more like left out altogether to make room for Donizetti and Leoncavallo.

This parade of national heroes was broken only by one grudging nod in the direction of Bizet and another to Orff. No Mozart ? No Mozart. Boo !

Casalbordino opera night isn’t exactly La Scala – but who wants to trek to Milan and spend a fortune to watch fat ladies singing, when you can find as good an evening as this here in Abruzzo ! more

Having Lunch With George Clooney

Actually, that should probably read ‘Having Lunch At The Same Place As George Clooney, Only A Few Days Later’, but why let an unimportant fact ruin a killer headline ?

George Clooney. Pope Benedict. Sulmona. Red garlic. Candy. All key – though unlikely – ingredients of our day out in Abruzzo’s hinterland. more

A Day Out in Rome

The only way you’re going to spend a day out in Rome – and have enough time there to enjoy it – is to go by coach.

Di Fonzo Autolinee run a terrific service from nearby Lanciano to the Tiburtina bus station just outside Rome’s centre. Catch the 8am service and you’ll arrive at 11am. A 100m walk to the Tiburtina metro station and you can be at the Vatican; the Colosseum; or the Spanish Steps about 20 minutes later. It’s a no-brainer. more

A Walk in Abruzzo – The Spirito Sancto Gorge

A walk in Abruzzo can take you to snow-capped mountains with stunning views; along sandy beaches lapped by the Adriatic; or deep into a gorge at the heart of the Majella…the Spirito Sancto gorge in Fara San Martino – a short drive from your Abruzzo villa for two…a deep cleft leading into the heart of the towering mountains that loom over the town. more
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