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Wine. Food. And Music – An Abruzzo Festa

A Fiat 500 BBQ !

Good food. Good music. And five glasses of good wine for €3. Welcome to an Abruzzo Festa ! more

Crushed Like a Grape

Freshly harvested white grapes arrive at the wine Cantina

On southern Abruzzo’s premier wine route, the 10 miles or so between Orsogna and Ortona, as you pass each of the many wineries dotted along the road, you get a hit of a yeasty, heady, fruity, slightly sour scent as endless tons of grapes are crushed and the wine-making process begins… more

Abruzzo Autumn – Wine, Oil and Chestnuts

Our November guests, who’d decided on Villasfor2 after the usual online search for an Italy villa for couples, were dazzled and delighted – and not just by the sun, for while it’s true that an Abruzzo autumn is nothing if not unpredictable, November rewards your visit with the arrival of the year’s new olive oil, wine and sweet chestnuts.

Mists, mellow fruitfulness – and Abruzzo’s delicious edible autumn trilogy… more