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Renovating Italy ? More Like Rebuilding Italy…

Our original house - the day before we demolished it

Renovate your Italian property ? Or rebuild it ? And when you’ve done that, what about the land it all stands on ? more

Hello World – Thanks For Dropping By

Half the world visited our website last year.

We once took a call asking how far Abruzzo was from Athens. Strange tales from our 2014 website hits. more

New for 2014 – Our Amazing Wine Tastings

Castello di Semivicoli - the perfect venue for our wine tastings

Exclusive tastings at one of Italy’s finest wineries – and a Villasfor2 holiday. A perfect combination ! more

Villasfor2 on TV !

Filming Escape to the Continent by the pool at Villasfor2

Antonis the sound-guy was puzzled why his hi-tec radio mikes occasionally insisted on arbitrarily switching frequencies at crucial moments. (Welcome to the Abruzzo Triangle, Antonis). more

Oiling The Wheels – Our 2012 Olive Harvest

The olive harvest’s in. The oil’s been pressed. And I have good news and bad news… more

Five Years in Abruzzo ?

Now…where did it all start ? On something like the fourth or fifth bottle of champagne on Millennium Night. Just the right moment to lay the foundations for a mid-fifties change-of-life plan… more

Another Five Top Abruzzo Restaurants

This is where you go locally for that special meal – especially for lunch in summer, when you can sit outside on their lovely shady terrace with views of the Majella National Park…

And where is this special place ? more

Ascigno’s Abruzzo Festa: Fun, Fireworks – and Line-Dancing ?

Up strikes the band. Up gets everyone to dance. Did you know line-dancing is a way of life in Abruzzo ? Babies learn how as soon as they can walk. Now, I’m not qualified to judge whether the line-dancing taking place before me in the middle of the road through Ascigno is step-for-step identical to the line-dancing you’ll see in some down-home stomperama at Alligator Joe’s in Amarillo – and it is a tad incongruous – but you have to wonder whether line-dancing in Abruzzo and the US developed simultaneously and spontaneously – or whether it’s just another Italian (or rather Abruzzese) import that’s taken America by storm.

Line dancing ? In Abruzzo ? more

Waiting For a Figleaf

In two weeks we move into our new Abruzzo home – and Villasfor2 opens in May. Now comes the hands-on task for me of creating a Mediterranean garden from scratch.

Some day very soon I’m going to have to sit down and start thinking about how to turn our acre of Abruzzo into a garden.

And to do that, I’m going to have to un-learn most of what I know about gardening in England and develop an instant knowledge of the right plants; and the right planning; and the right water-saving techniques that are all needed in a Mediterranean garden. more

Abruzzo October

Abruzzo October is a month of warm sunny days; a hint of Autumn in the evening air; and spectacular colours in the forests of the Majella National Park.

Last October we were too busy just arriving here – on the 9th to be exact – to take that much notice of what the weather was like. The day after we got here it rained. Then it was OK. And that’s about as far as memory takes me. This year, it’s been different… more
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