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A Walk in Abruzzo – The Spirito Sancto Gorge

A walk in Abruzzo can take you to snow-capped mountains with stunning views; along sandy beaches lapped by the Adriatic; or deep into a gorge at the heart of the Majella…the Spirito Sancto gorge in Fara San Martino – a short drive from your Abruzzo villa for two…a deep cleft leading into the heart of the towering mountains that loom over the town. more

Abruzzo October

Abruzzo October is a month of warm sunny days; a hint of Autumn in the evening air; and spectacular colours in the forests of the Majella National Park.

Last October we were too busy just arriving here – on the 9th to be exact – to take that much notice of what the weather was like. The day after we got here it rained. Then it was OK. And that’s about as far as memory takes me. This year, it’s been different… more

Casoli’s Fabulous Festa

Don’t get the idea that Abruzzo festa and sagre – the feasts, fairs and festivals for which the region’s renowned – only take place in the summer. They’re a year-round attraction – as you’ll find when your’re staying at our Abruzzo villas for two. And one of the very best took place last week in neighbouring Casoli… more

Abruzzo Food – Abruzzo Festa

Lanciano’s extraordinary Notte Bianche – ‘White Nights’ – is on the A-List of Abruzzo festa. Starting off the festivities is Il Maestrogiurato – an extravaganza of pageantry in full medieval costume. But the heart of Notte Bianche is a dazzling and deafening firework display that starts at 4am – yes, 0400 – on September 14 each year. It’s worth disrupting your body clock and heading for Lanciano to become part of the experience. more

Fara’s Fantastic Fireworks

In Abruzzo, fireworks are a spectacular feature of fairs, feasts and festivals. We’re just back from the dazzling display marking a medieval banquet in Fara San Martino.

Fara San Martino is an ancient village nestling 1500 feet up under the lowering heights of the Majella about 20 minutes away from your Abruzzo villa for two. Last Friday, Fara staged ‘Il Visitatore’, a medieval-themed pageant and banquet, which ended with a stupendous midnight firework display…

There’s fireworks…then there’s Abruzzo fireworks… more