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Majella National Park – Our Scenic Backdrop

The Majella National Park forms a constant backdrop to our wraparound views.

And with the first snows of Autumn forecast for the highest of the mountains this weekend, it seemed a good idea to take advantage of one of the last truly glorious days of Summer and take a long drive to enjoy the Park’s magnificent scenery. more

Abruzzo October

Abruzzo October is a month of warm sunny days; a hint of Autumn in the evening air; and spectacular colours in the forests of the Majella National Park.

Last October we were too busy just arriving here – on the 9th to be exact – to take that much notice of what the weather was like. The day after we got here it rained. Then it was OK. And that’s about as far as memory takes me. This year, it’s been different… more

Snow, Spectacular Views – and Names For Your Villas !

Lured by the first sprinklings of snow up on the mountains of the Majella National Park, coupled with a beautiful warm autumn day, we couldn’t resist heading up to the top of La Majelletta – an easy drive, less than an hour from your Abruzzo villa for two. more

Majella National Park – Natural Abruzzo On Our Doorstep

Majella National Park In Abruzzo

The wolf is the symbol of the Majella. Hunted for centuries and the subject of more myth and folklore than any other animal in the Park, the wolf now enjoys protected status.

You’re most likely to hear a wolf baying in the late winter/early spring and a pawprint in snow or mud – or even the remains of its prey (usually wild boars or deer) can make you aware of its presence…. more