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Villasfor2 on TV !

Filming Escape to the Continent by the pool at Villasfor2

Antonis the sound-guy was puzzled why his hi-tec radio mikes occasionally insisted on arbitrarily switching frequencies at crucial moments. (Welcome to the Abruzzo Triangle, Antonis). more

Pizza – Love At First Bite !

The Napolitano. My favourite

Let’s establish a few ground rules. A slab of thick, baked dough, three feet in diameter, with something gooey woven into its plaited crust, piled high with a dozen different, clashing toppings and cooked in an electric oven isn’t a proper pizza.
And to stick a pineapple ring on top of this concoction and call the end product ‘A Hawaiian’ is an affront to Nature.
And to Hawaii. more

Ski Abruzzo – Winter 2013/14

The chair lift at Passo di Lanciano

In the heart of the Majella National Park, are the two ski stations of Passo di Lanciano and La Majelletta. As these are nearest us, they’re the ones we know best. The skiing at both is good, with a decent variety of black, red and blue runs and the slopes well-served by a mix of chair and drag lifts. And you can also snowboard or go cross-country skiing too… more

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