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Rocca Calascio Castle. Scaling The Heights.

The castle's towering views oer the surrouning landscape

Yes – the effort to reach Rocca Calascio Castle is more than repaid by the rewards when you finally scale the summit… more

Land = Sheep. Grapes. Goats. Hens. Olives……….Maybe.

Jacob Sheep. Or to be more accurate - Jacob Lambs

Sheep. Grapes. Goats. Hens. Olives. All prime candidates to raise on your bit of Italy. Or not… more

Renovating Italy ? More Like Rebuilding Italy…

Our original house - the day before we demolished it

Renovate your Italian property ? Or rebuild it ? And when you’ve done that, what about the land it all stands on ? more

Abruzzo – Italy’s Best-Kept Travel Secret

Traditional 'Trabbocho' fishing platforms are a unique feature of Abruzzo's 100-mile Adriatic coastline

Whereabouts in Italy is Abruzzo ? Head due east from Rome and when you reach the Adriatic coast – you’ve arrived ! more

Crushed Like a Grape

Freshly harvested white grapes arrive at the wine Cantina

On southern Abruzzo’s premier wine route, the 10 miles or so between Orsogna and Ortona, as you pass each of the many wineries dotted along the road, you get a hit of a yeasty, heady, fruity, slightly sour scent as endless tons of grapes are crushed and the wine-making process begins… more

Slower Than The Speed Of Light

One bloke did the work. His mate stood and watched for a while, then got bored and went for a walk through the olive groves.

With that air of doomed certainty that seems to attach itself to any dealings with state-run companies here, there was consternation when they discovered they’d been sent out with the wrong paperwork. more

Recipe: Minestrone. Italy’s Best-Loved Soup

When we’re talking about how to make Minestrone, the great delight is that there is absolutely no definitive recipe. It’s one of the very few Italian dishes that’s genuinely national, but recipes vary from region-to-region; town-to-town; and family-to-family. more

Monte Cassino Abbey – From Ruin to Resurrection

There are no old buildings in the medieval town of Cassino, an hour south of Rome. No historic relics. No sign of its great antiquity.

The town, along with its mighty Benedictine Abbey on the summit of Monte Cassino, was obliterated in one of World War II’s epic battles. more