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Highlander Crisps. An Italian Take On A Taste Of Scotland ?

Italian crisps, it has to be said, are rubbish. Thin, puny and anaemic, with as much flavour as a damp sock. So one crisp-maker’s going back to the source of true crisp greatness, the British Isles. With a flavour called Highander Caledonian Tomato. Really ? Yes… more

Abruzzo Property Development

This blog’s really a favour to my friend Pierino, who’s building a brand-new house just outside Lanciano and reckons it might appeal to the discerning readers AboutAbruzzo attracts.

Funnily enough, in one particular way, he could possibly be right.

Fancy a little bit of Italian property development ? more

Recipe: Roast Red Pepper, Tomato and Borlotti Bean Soup

Though at first sight this exceptionally easy recipe might seem Italian, it’s perhaps best described as “Mediterranean Fusion’, because there’s one key, must-have, non-Italian ingredient without which the soup doesn’t exactly fail – but just doesn’t taste the same.

And what’s that magic ingredient ? more