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Gessopalena – A Walk Back In Time

In 1933, the village was severely damaged by an earthquake. Then as the Allies pushed northwards up the eastern side of Italy in 1943, Gessopalena was utterly destroyed by retreating Nazi forces. The surviving villagers moved down off that promontory and into what has now developed into modern Gessopalena. They left behind a haunting memorial… more

Introducing – Casoli

If you’re in our Abruzzo holiday villas in early October, you’ll hardly be able to miss the 3-day party honoring Casoli’s patron saint Santa Reparata (who is shared, incidentally, with Nice and Florence). The street funfairs, music and parties; far too much to eat and drink; general jollity and truly thunderous nightly fireworks could be the highlight of your Abruzzo vacation… more

La Morgia – The Abruzzo Landmark That’s Also An Artwork

Leave Villasfor2 in Ascigno and head for Casoli, where you’ll pick up the signs for Gessopalena. Twenty minutes later, you’ll be looking at one of Abruzzo’s best-known – and best-loved landmarks.

La Morgia is a massively-imposing wedge-shaped chunk of limestone, 130 metres (426 feet) high, that squats midway between Gessopalena and Torricella Peligna. In the mid-1990s, after exhaustive and persuasive discussions, the region of Abruzzo, the province of Chieti and the comunes of La Majella gave their permission for several natural features in the area to be used as settings and components for a series of integrated artworks.

The Greek artist Costas Varotsos chose to work on La Morgia, with the specific aim of bridging the distinctive notch at the crest caused by mining… more