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Try a Taste of Tarralucci ?

Tarralucci - delicious Abruzzo pastries

Tirralucci. An Abruzzo speciality. Little sweet pastries with a filling made from Montepulciano red wine grapes. David’s favourite… more

Five Different Abruzzo Restaurants

La Vineria di Salnitro

Eating inside will appeal to anyone wanting a giant hit of full-on authenticity with few concessions to such fripperies as comfort. more

It’s Pizza – But Not As We Know It…

Gambero Rosso says this is the best pizza in Italy right now

Gourmet pizza at one of Italy’s seven best pizzeria – and tucking into **Italy’s Best Pizza**. Yum ! more

Mangia ! Mangia !! Eat Like A True Abruzzese !!!

Sulmona's famous 'confetti' sugared almonds

We’ve conclusively proved that you can actually have too much of a good thing, because nearing the end of the asparagus season we’ve eaten so much, that we’re praying for it to end. more