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The Black Eyed Peas Play Fara San Martino. Kind Of.

There was a food fair in the nearby town of Fara San Martino over the weekend notable not for its amiability or the excellence of the available food and drink, but for the rumour that had been spreading like wildfire that legendary American hip-hop group The Black Eyed Peas were due to perform. more

A Walk in Abruzzo – The Spirito Sancto Gorge

A walk in Abruzzo can take you to snow-capped mountains with stunning views; along sandy beaches lapped by the Adriatic; or deep into a gorge at the heart of the Majella…the Spirito Sancto gorge in Fara San Martino – a short drive from your Abruzzo villa for two…a deep cleft leading into the heart of the towering mountains that loom over the town. more

Fara’s Fantastic Fireworks

In Abruzzo, fireworks are a spectacular feature of fairs, feasts and festivals. We’re just back from the dazzling display marking a medieval banquet in Fara San Martino.

Fara San Martino is an ancient village nestling 1500 feet up under the lowering heights of the Majella about 20 minutes away from your Abruzzo villa for two. Last Friday, Fara staged ‘Il Visitatore’, a medieval-themed pageant and banquet, which ended with a stupendous midnight firework display…

There’s fireworks…then there’s Abruzzo fireworks… more