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Casoli’s Fabulous Festa

Don’t get the idea that Abruzzo festa and sagre – the feasts, fairs and festivals for which the region’s renowned – only take place in the summer. They’re a year-round attraction – as you’ll find when your’re staying at our Abruzzo villas for two. And one of the very best took place last week in neighbouring Casoli… more

Introducing – Casoli

If you’re in our Abruzzo holiday villas in early October, you’ll hardly be able to miss the 3-day party honoring Casoli’s patron saint Santa Reparata (who is shared, incidentally, with Nice and Florence). The street funfairs, music and parties; far too much to eat and drink; general jollity and truly thunderous nightly fireworks could be the highlight of your Abruzzo vacation… more

So We Got In The Car And We’re Still Driving to Italy…

Thanks to the fragile nature of the British property market, the last few months have been tale of ‘Great ! There’s a buyer for our house; oh dear, that’s fallen through; Yippee ! There’s another buyer for the house; oh no, that’s fallen through too’ ad naus until, strangely, you pass through stress to a state of Zen-like acceptance of the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. more

So We Got In The Car And Drove To Italy

And you got in the car and drove to Italy because ? Well now…as Gap Years hadn’t been invented when we were of an age to take one, we thought we deserved one and right now seemed as good a time as any. And a new adventure seemed like a good idea too. So here we are, living in a rented house in a hamlet called Ascigno, which is about about 4kms from the old hilltop village of Casoli, which in turn is in the province of Chieti, in the region of Abruzzo, Italy. more