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Ascigno’s Abruzzo Festa: Fun, Fireworks – and Line-Dancing ?

Up strikes the band. Up gets everyone to dance. Did you know line-dancing is a way of life in Abruzzo ? Babies learn how as soon as they can walk. Now, I’m not qualified to judge whether the line-dancing taking place before me in the middle of the road through Ascigno is step-for-step identical to the line-dancing you’ll see in some down-home stomperama at Alligator Joe’s in Amarillo – and it is a tad incongruous – but you have to wonder whether line-dancing in Abruzzo and the US developed simultaneously and spontaneously – or whether it’s just another Italian (or rather Abruzzese) import that’s taken America by storm.

Line dancing ? In Abruzzo ? more

So We Got In The Car And We’re Still Driving to Italy…

Thanks to the fragile nature of the British property market, the last few months have been tale of ‘Great ! There’s a buyer for our house; oh dear, that’s fallen through; Yippee ! There’s another buyer for the house; oh no, that’s fallen through too’ ad naus until, strangely, you pass through stress to a state of Zen-like acceptance of the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. more

So We Got In The Car And Drove To Italy

And you got in the car and drove to Italy because ? Well now…as Gap Years hadn’t been invented when we were of an age to take one, we thought we deserved one and right now seemed as good a time as any. And a new adventure seemed like a good idea too. So here we are, living in a rented house in a hamlet called Ascigno, which is about about 4kms from the old hilltop village of Casoli, which in turn is in the province of Chieti, in the region of Abruzzo, Italy. more