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Rocca Calascio Castle. Scaling The Heights.

The castle's towering views oer the surrouning landscape

Yes – the effort to reach Rocca Calascio Castle is more than repaid by the rewards when you finally scale the summit… more

Five Different Abruzzo Restaurants

La Vineria di Salnitro

Eating inside will appeal to anyone wanting a giant hit of full-on authenticity with few concessions to such fripperies as comfort. more

Mini Wine Blog – Montepulciano Appassito

Abruzzo's first evrr 'appassito' red wine

Big wine – mini blog. All you need to know about Abruzzo’s first appassito red wine. What’s appassito wine ? Take a look and find out… more

A Morning In The Majella

FInding your way around the Majella

Foraging for pine cones. A mountain walk. A delicate moment rudely interrupted. And a delicious lunch. Just another average autumn morning in the Majella… more

A is for Apple

The first English apple I've successfully grown in Abruzzo !

OK…an apple is an apple is an apple. Except that growing the perfect English apple in Abruzzo’s unforgiving climate can become a bit of an obsession… more

What I Couldn’t Live Without When I Arrived – But Don’t Need As Much Now

A new life in Italy ? What will you really need ?

OK…so what would *you* miss most if you left the UK and moved abroad ? more

Feeling Fruity. Tales From An Abruzzo Orchard

A sunlit bunch of Italia grapes

What’s grown great and tasted even better – and what’s just withered away in our Abruzzo orchard. more

Land = Sheep. Grapes. Goats. Hens. Olives……….Maybe.

Jacob Sheep. Or to be more accurate - Jacob Lambs

Sheep. Grapes. Goats. Hens. Olives. All prime candidates to raise on your bit of Italy. Or not… more

Renovating Italy ? More Like Rebuilding Italy…

Our original house - the day before we demolished it

Renovate your Italian property ? Or rebuild it ? And when you’ve done that, what about the land it all stands on ? more

Abruzzo. Quaint It Ain’t

Abruzzo - scenic. But not quaint !

I’ll tell you the key fact that’s overlooked – and keeps being overlooked – in everything I’ve ever read about Abruzzo. It’s not quaint. What it is – and so much more importantly – is off the beaten tourist track. more
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