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Abruzzo. Quaint It Ain’t

Abruzzo - scenic. But not quaint !

I’ll tell you the key fact that’s overlooked – and keeps being overlooked – in everything I’ve ever read about Abruzzo. It’s not quaint. What it is – and so much more importantly – is off the beaten tourist track. more

Oiling The Wheels – Our 2012 Olive Harvest

The olive harvest’s in. The oil’s been pressed. And I have good news and bad news… more

Abruzzo’s Owl. Little – But Loud.

I can show you literally hundreds of photos of where one of our owl chicks has been a nano-second previously. But none, alas, of a chick itself. Let alone one looking obligingly at the camera… more

Pool’s Open ! Must be Summer !

Swimming Pool At Our Villa

It was nice to see the swimming pool emerge all blue and reasonably pristine from its seven month hibernation under cover.

It’s one of life’s mysteries as to how come, when the thing’s sealed up tighter than a drum, leaves manage to work their way under the cover and into the pool. But they do and have to be tiresomely fished-out before the summer setting-up process begins.

And that setting-up process involved Pauline and 200 boxes of salt… more

Sun. Sea. Sights. And Outlet Shopping !

Art treasures, museums, Roman ruins, sweeping country vistas and cities dripping with culture are all very noble and mind-enriching, but on the other hand, let’s not forget either that Italy’s also a country of fashion, flair and fun and that the best way to experience this is to go SHOPPING !

Retail therapy arrives in Abruzzo. With a vengeance. more

A Night at the Opera

This being Italy, it was hardly a surprise to see the names of Verdi, Puccini and Rossini writ large and the rest not exactly writ small, but more like left out altogether to make room for Donizetti and Leoncavallo.

This parade of national heroes was broken only by one grudging nod in the direction of Bizet and another to Orff. No Mozart ? No Mozart. Boo !

Casalbordino opera night isn’t exactly La Scala – but who wants to trek to Milan and spend a fortune to watch fat ladies singing, when you can find as good an evening as this here in Abruzzo ! more

Abruzzo Autumn – Wine, Oil and Chestnuts

Our November guests, who’d decided on Villasfor2 after the usual online search for an Italy villa for couples, were dazzled and delighted – and not just by the sun, for while it’s true that an Abruzzo autumn is nothing if not unpredictable, November rewards your visit with the arrival of the year’s new olive oil, wine and sweet chestnuts.

Mists, mellow fruitfulness – and Abruzzo’s delicious edible autumn trilogy… more

Meanwhile, In The Back Seat – The Ultimate Road Trip

Looking back, I wonder why we got as wound-up as we did about how the cats would react to the 1400-mile trek in the back of the car from Somerset to our new home in the hamlet of Ascigno in Abruzzo… more