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Everything’s Coming Up Roses ! (And Other Plants Too…)

Gazania is a colourful addition to your summer planting scheme

What flowers, trees and shrubs will prosper in your Italian garden ? Here are a few ideas… more

Feeling Fruity. Tales From An Abruzzo Orchard

A sunlit bunch of Italia grapes

What’s grown great and tasted even better – and what’s just withered away in our Abruzzo orchard. more

Five Foolproof Flowers for an Italian Garden

Here’s a mix of ultra-reliable perennials and annuals that have been tried and tested in our Abruzzo garden – an acre of south-facing blue clay without a shred of shade. more

A Pig’s Tale

It’s currently outside the hunting season, so taking a pot-shot at piggy wasn’t an option, though the local farmers – many of whom reported damage to crops and orchards – argued the toss as to what would happen if a shot fired to scare the porker away instead were to kill it.

The kind of hypothetical discussion point that Italians love nearly as much as football.

(Man v Wild Boar. But who’ll win this epic confrontation ? more

Our Abruzzo Garden Wildlife

It was only when the builders were gone and tranquility had been restored to the olive groves and vineyards around our Abruzzo villas that we began to fully appreciate how rich the area was in wildlife.

Birds, butterflies, foxes and hares all share our Abruzzo garden. more

Going Green in our Abruzzo Garden

It’s slightly unreal to be still pottering around the garden in a polo shirt while in the UK, igloo prices have gone through the roof, and a team of huskies and a sled have replaced the SUV as the favoured transport to get to/from the supermarket.

Yesterday, two weeks before Christmas, it was 19˚C in our Abruzzo garden at noon. That’s 66˚F.

And after taking time-out to smell the roses, it was back to work, with the arrival of three tons of green, eco-friendly olive harvest waste from one of our local mills. more