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Try a Taste of Tarralucci ?

Tarralucci - delicious Abruzzo pastries

Tirralucci. An Abruzzo speciality. Little sweet pastries with a filling made from Montepulciano red wine grapes. David’s favourite… more

Five Best Special Abruzzo Restaurants

The Tinari family, who run the Villa Maiella

An insider’s guide to five of the very best places to eat and drink in our part of Abruzzo. more

Mangia ! Mangia !! Eat Like A True Abruzzese !!!

Sulmona's famous 'confetti' sugared almonds

We’ve conclusively proved that you can actually have too much of a good thing, because nearing the end of the asparagus season we’ve eaten so much, that we’re praying for it to end. more

Five Additional Top Abruzzo Restaurants

Our favourite local agriturismo

More best places to find Abruzzo food and wine at its finest – and all at great value. more

Food for Thought ?

Aside from an ability to chew and string a sentence together, what other attributes are needed to become a food critic and the judge of whether a chef’s a champ or a chump ?

Unlike other branches of journalism, there are no courses to take or exams to pass that qualify you to declare whether a meal’s good. bad or indifferent.

And telling me to give a restaurant a miss because basically you didn’t like it, is highly questionable. more

Introducing – Abruzzo Food

Before we first began looking for somewhere to live in Abruzzo, we’d drooled over the guidebook descriptions of all the local goodies we could look forward to trying and buying in the shops and markets; and the prospect of sampling all this wonderful Abruzzo food whenever we went out for a meal.

But it didn’t quite turn out like that… more

Abruzzo Food – Abruzzo Festa

Lanciano’s extraordinary Notte Bianche – ‘White Nights’ – is on the A-List of Abruzzo festa. Starting off the festivities is Il Maestrogiurato – an extravaganza of pageantry in full medieval costume. But the heart of Notte Bianche is a dazzling and deafening firework display that starts at 4am – yes, 0400 – on September 14 each year. It’s worth disrupting your body clock and heading for Lanciano to become part of the experience. more