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AboutAbruzzo – A Blog About Life In Abruzzo, Italy

Ever wondered what living in Italy is really like? AboutAbruzzo is the regular blog about our daily lives here in Abruzzo: the food and drink; our local area; what to see and where to go; the weather; our friends – and what we do when we’re not looking after our Vf2 guests!

It’s probably the largest collection of articles about Abruzzo you’ll find under one roof !

Five Different Abruzzo Restaurants

La Vineria di Salnitro

Eating inside will appeal to anyone wanting a giant hit of full-on authenticity with few concessions to such fripperies as comfort. Read more »

Mini Wine Blog 4 – Primitivo di Manduria. Puglia.

Primitivo - a spicy Italian red wine from Piglia

If you like Zinfandel - you'll like Primitivo. (That's because they're identical wines from identical grapes...) Read more »

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Running a Holiday Rental…

Now you too can run a successful holiday rental !

One of the side-effects of running Villasfor2 since 2007 is that my fly-paper brain accumulated a whole load of very useful…quite useful…and utterly useless information. Read more »

Mini Wine Blog 3. Sauvignon Blanc. SudTirol-Alto Adige

Sauvignon Blanc from SudTirol-Alto Adige

If you think that only NZ and Chile can produce good Sauvignon Blanc - think again. Here's an Italian winner... Read more »

There’s More To Italy Than Pizza, Florence and Red Wine

The essentials of Italian life

Living in Italy ! Keep calm and have another glass of wine ! Read more »

Mini Wine Blog 2. Langhe Arneis

Langhe Arneis. Dry white from Piedmont

Running the rule over a dry white from the Piemonte region - the latest in our new mini wine blog series ! Read more »

Mini Wine Blog – Montepulciano Appassito

Abruzzo's first evrr 'appassito' red wine

Big wine - mini blog. All you need to know about Abruzzo's first appassito red wine. What's appassito wine ? Take a look and find out... Read more »

Wine. Food. And Music – An Abruzzo Festa

A Fiat 500 BBQ !

Good food. Good music. And five glasses of good wine for €3. Welcome to an Abruzzo Festa ! Read more »

A Morning In The Majella

FInding your way around the Majella

Foraging for pine cones. A mountain walk. A delicate moment rudely interrupted. And a delicious lunch. Just another average autumn morning in the Majella... Read more »

As Authentically Italian As A Banana Pizza

That old US favourite - he pizza burger !

Spoiler alert: You will see a Banana Pizza; and you will see Spaghetti alla Kiwi Fruit Read more »