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Try a Taste of Tarralucci ?

Tarralucci - delicious Abruzzo pastries

Tirralucci. An Abruzzo speciality. Little sweet pastries with a filling made from Montepulciano red wine grapes. David’s favourite…

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Five Different Abruzzo Restaurants

La Vineria di Salnitro

Eating inside will appeal to anyone wanting a giant hit of full-on authenticity with few concessions to such fripperies as comfort.

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All You Ever Wanted To Know About Running a Holiday Rental…

Now you too can run a successful holiday rental !

One of the side-effects of running Villasfor2 since 2007 is that my fly-paper brain accumulated a whole load of very useful…quite useful…and utterly useless information.

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A Morning In The Majella

FInding your way around the Majella

Foraging for pine cones. A mountain walk. A delicate moment rudely interrupted. And a delicious lunch. Just another average autumn morning in the Majella…

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As Authentically Italian As A Banana Pizza

That old US favourite - he pizza burger !

Spoiler alert: You will see a Banana Pizza; and you will see Spaghetti alla Kiwi Fruit

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A is for Apple

The first English apple I've successfully grown in Abruzzo !

OK…an apple is an apple is an apple. Except that growing the perfect English apple in Abruzzo’s unforgiving climate can become a bit of an obsession…

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Everything’s Coming Up Roses ! (And Other Plants Too…)

Gazania is a colourful addition to your summer planting scheme

What flowers, trees and shrubs will prosper in your Italian garden ? Here are a few ideas…

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Feeling Fruity. Tales From An Abruzzo Orchard

A sunlit bunch of Italia grapes

What’s grown great and tasted even better – and what’s just withered away in our Abruzzo orchard.

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Land = Sheep. Grapes. Goats. Hens. Olives……….Maybe.

Jacob Sheep. Or to be more accurate - Jacob Lambs

Sheep. Grapes. Goats. Hens. Olives. All prime candidates to raise on your bit of Italy. Or not…

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Renovating Italy ? More Like Rebuilding Italy…

Our original house - the day before we demolished it

Renovate your Italian property ? Or rebuild it ? And when you’ve done that, what about the land it all stands on ?

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